Sustainable city by France


A deep-rooted tradition of urban planning:

  • A local decision-making process enshrined in a national regulatory framework
  • A democratic city where citizens are put at its core, in which the legal structure ensures both individual liberty and fundamental rights
  • A specific expertise gained from French local and national public administrations, experts and companies in the fields of city design, building, management or operations.


A structured method for urban development:

  • A local governance who organizes urban planning in order to ensure a global well-being 
  • The simultaneous development of basic infrastructures (roadways, waste and water sewage) and social facilities (residential building, business and industrial amenities)
  • An authorized city with specific local architecture rules, protecting urban heritage and natural resources
  • A city designed and built in order to organize the implementation of essential urban services (such as water, energy, transportation, waste management, health, education), which progressively transform into transversal offers (circular economy, mobility)
  • An homogeneous management of urban services, regardless of the district.


Concrete objectives that allow for a holistic sustainable development:

  • A dense city that keeps a human size, limits urban spreading and safeguards natural resources.
  • A sober city that promotes energy efficiency, circular economy and reduces its greenhouse gas’ emissions.
  • An inclusive city that avoids housing segregation, facilitates then proximity between all kind of activities and urban equipment and allows new forms of governance.
  • An attractive, resilient and evolutive city that welcomes all kind of economic activity, enables quality education and health services for all, protects natural spaces and limits nuisances (air and noise pollutions), is resilient and able to evolve and adapt among time.
  • An efficient city in which urban organization and operations are optimized regarding its financial resources and allows for future investments.